Worship team coordinator holds interviews

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For those who love to sing and play an instrument, Scott Falk, campus pastor, is looking for students to join next year’s worship team. Interviews begin May 5.

“The main thing that I am looking for this year are people who like to be in worship, who like to sing and play instruments,” Falk said. “The students have to have the ability to sing and play an instrument.”

The student must be at least in 10th grade to try out for the worship team. Students do not have to have a certain grade point average.

Madeline Ervin, ’04, sings and currently plays an acoustic guitar with Falk at the weekly chapel. This is her first year on the team.

“Worship team is a lot of fun, I love being able to get together with others,” Ervin said. “I also love being able to praise God and just meet new people. The worship team is a great experience and I would really encourage people to join.”

Whitney Ensom, ’05, sings with Falk at the weekly chapel. According to Ensom, being on the worship team has both advantages and disadvantages.

“When I was not on the team I was able to blend in with everyone and just praise God by myself,” Ensom said. “I think that when I am on stage I just have to get over the fact that I’m in front of my peers and that’s it is just for God.”

The worship team meets every Tuesday to discuss the songs they will be doing for that week’s chapel. For more information on the worship team, contact Falk at 297-9464, ext. 121.