Princesses defeat Blue Boys in annual match

Other Staff

Blue and pink met once again in the heated volleyball competition. In the spirit of Spirit Week, the Big Blue Boys and the Pretty Pink Princesses went toe-to-toe in the match of the sexes on May 7.

In probably one of the closest and most controversial matches in the history of the game, the varsity girls’ volleyball team narrowly squeezed out a 2-1 victory against the boys’ varsity football team.

Winning 15-13 in the final game, spectators wondered whether or not a few different calls in the boys’ favor would have given them the game.

“There were many questionable calls being made,” Michael Van Beek, ’03, said. “I feel that, had it been called differently, the girls would be eating egg shells for the rest of their lives.”

Others, however, do feel that the game was already being called in the boys favor, but they still lost. Sophomore David Yancey spearheaded the project of bribing the officials and fixing the game.

“By the end we had given the referee, Mr. [Scott] Falk, a two liter of Dr. Pepper, a candy bar and a cash bribe,” Yancey said. “If anyone was getting the calls in there favor it was us.”

The gifts intended to bride Falk were taken back at the end of the match when they seemed to have no effect on his calls. The boys’ cheering section then booed the team after the loss.

The girls on the other hand were pleased with their victory, giving them a 5-1 record since the founding of the rivalry.

“We were a little bit out of season,” Carli Albrechtson, ’04, said. “It was a team effort though and it felt good to pull out a win in the end, even if it was a close one.”