Fall color guard tryouts completed

Other Staff

Vibrant-colored flags flew through the air as their owners dance in a synchronized fashion. Younger students watched as they tried to learn the routine for their upcoming auditions. With the school year at year end, and spring sports ending quickly, the time came for color guard to hold their annual try-outs.

“I’m really excited about next year,” Amanda Quist, ’04, said. “Try-outs are complete, but we aren’t sure when the names will be posted. Hopefully they will be up soon.”

Along with Quist, Crystal Stallings, ’04, also is looking forward to seeing the new team and practicing with them this summer. The summer practices will be focused on the winter guard performance. In the past, the team has not been fully prepared.

“We need to work harder so that we are ready for the winter performance,” Stallings said. “If we want to be the best, we need to have a team that is equipped for any situation.”

Two years ago, the team did not have a full team of ten people. But this year, the outlook is good. There were many girls interested, and most of them had former experience on a color guard team.

“People think color guard is easy, but it isn’t. It takes talent, skill, and a ton of practicing,” Rachel Jacobsen, ’04, said. “You also have to be in shape. It is just like a sport; we have practices and competitions to compete in.”

For more information on colorguard, call the office at 297-9464, ext. 128. Check the office window every once-and-a-while because the names will be posted on the office window.