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Stress can be avoided

Stress. Mental, emotional or physical strain caused by anxiety or overwork. Many know the feeling and many dread it when it occurs. If seniors were asked how their year is going, most would probably give the same answer: stressful. But why is senior year such a stressful time?

Throughout the first semester of the school year, seniors have to fill out college applications, apply for scholarships, while at the same time balancing schoolwork and sports with after school jobs.

It is hard and almost impossible, but somehow, seniors make it through the first semester. Christmas break rolls around, and seniors start to think that the next semester will fly by with ease and simplicity. Boy, are they ever wrong.

Although second semester does seem to fly by, in ways, it is much harder to get through than the first semester. The second semester brings forth entirely new challenges and levels of stress for the once motivated senior student.

Instead of having to fill out college applications, the senior is now forced to wait patiently for their letters of acceptance (or denial) from colleges. Once accepted into colleges, students have to then decide which school they want to attend, apply for housing if living on campus, send out graduation announcements and find a date for prom.

As if that is not hard enough, seniors must continue to apply for scholarships for their school of choice, find financial aid and still find a way to balance schoolwork, sports and after school jobs (or find a job if they do not have one).

Schoolwork, alone, is a difficult challenge in the second semester. By this time, most seniors use the common and well-known excuse, senioritis. Now, students cannot seem to concentrate during classes. They neglect their homework and tend to procrastinate more than one might think is humanly possible.

Students often wait until the last month of school to raise grades and turn in homework. The stress level elevates significantly as a result. Because some have slacked off all four years of high school, the grades they make now in this last semester, determine whether or not they will be able to graduate.

So, my advice for every incoming senior is to plan out time wisely so that the senior year will be a stress-free one. The senior year can be one of the most enjoyable times in life, so hang in there, and treasure the time left at this school.

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