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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Swearing raises concerns

The class hangs heavy with dread-filled anticipation as the teacher passes back last Friday?s math tests. The girl in the front row heaves a sigh of relief as her test is handed to her. With a smile, she shows her neighbor her high grade.

The teacher turns to the boy next to her, disappointment etched on his face. A sharp cry filled with colorful metaphors fills the silent classroom as the student stares at the red ?F? written on his test.

This scene is not uncommon, though it usually is much more covert. A sudden and unexpected turn for the worse appears when the one suffering expresses their frustration with an expletive.

?The Bible speaks often about using your words positively and in a way that is respectful and honoring to God,? Scott Falk, campus chaplain, said.

Junior Brandon Cain does not believe swearing is a major issue on campus.

?I really don?t think swearing is a big problem on campus,? Cain said. ?I don?t like swearing, but there?s nothing I can really do about it. When I encounter swearing, I try to ignore it.?

Other students do not agree, and feel swearing is the only way they can truly express their more anger-centered emotions.

?What else are we supposed to say when something bad happens?? an anonymous student said. ?Sometimes a situation needs a bad word or two. And you feel better once you?ve said it.?

Some, however, think swearing is definitely an issue that should be addressed.

?Yes, I do think swearing is a problem on campus,? Ryan Martens, ?08, said. ?People don?t know how to handle themselves when they?re mad. I just tape their mouths shut!?

Others agree with Martens? statements.

?I don?t like swearing,? Whitney Ensom, ?05, said. ?It?s embarrassing when one [word] slips and you can never take it back.?

The scenario of a coach exploding when the referee calls a foul on his team plays out in movies and on television at a fairly regular rate. Although often considered bad sportsmanship, many in society have accepted this occurrence.

?I don?t swear and when I have students or players who swear I remind them it is inappropriate language for school or the playing field,? Falk said. ?However, most people know I?m offended by it and watch their language when I?m around.?

Although the playing field is a breeding ground for foul words, many coaches have their personal solutions.

?I don?t like it; I never like it when I hear it,? Falk said. ?I can?t do much about it except be different myself.?

For more information, contact Falk at [email protected].

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