Fans marvel at X2

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With the sudden explosion in popularity of sequels, movies like X2: X-Men United have rapidly become very prosperous. Garnering $85.6 million on opening weekend, the sequel to 2000’s hit X-Men played to sold-out audiences all weekend long. Introducing new mutants such as Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming) and Pyro (Aaron Stanford), X2 pleased even the most comic illiterate audiences.

“I had seen the first movie so that gave me a little background on the X-men,” Brandon Nimon, ’03, said. “Other than that, I had never read any of the comic books or watched the cartoon but I loved both of the movies.”

Building on the theme of mutant survival established in the first movie, X2 further develops a growing concern amongst humans of mutant takeover. Based on an alleged attack on the President by a mutant, the humans, led by William Striker (Brian Cox), form a plan to destroy the mutant race, using Cerebro and Professor Charles Xavier’s (Patrick Stewart) mind powers.

Striker injects Xavier’s arch-enemy Magneto (Ian McKellen) with drugs and uses his knowledge of Xavier’s mutant training facility to overrun the institution and acquire Cerebro. This leads to a showdown in the school between Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Striker’s men.

“The scene in the house with Wolverine was awesome,” Michael Abajian, ’04, said. “It showed how he destroys everyone with his claws and that he is the best mutant in the movie.”

To counteract Striker’s efforts, Magneto, his sidekick Mystique (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos), Xavier and the X-men, form an alliance. The alliance is directly opposite to the plot of X-Men, in which Xavier and Magneto are enemies. This alarming plot twist intrigued viewers such as Melissa Bump, ’05.

“I was shocked when they joined teams,” Bump said. “I have watched the cartoon numerous times and they never worked together. It made the movie a little weird but I still loved it!”

In the climax, another plot twist develops. With Striker’s plan to kill the mutants averted and Striker on the run, Wolverine begins to track him. However, standing between Wolverine and Striker is Death Strike, a female Wolverine, played by Kelly Hu. Audiences felt that this was a spectacular fight scene to end the movie.

“The fight between the two wolverines in the lab made the whole movie for me,” Chad Wathen, ’06, said. “I love how the directors saved the best fight scene for last and provided a fitting end to the movie.”

The main reason to see X2 is the unique special effects artistry the directors’ display. X2 deserves a B+ because of the exciting action scenes and a highly developed plot that will capture audiences’ attention.

Produced by Twentieth Century Fox, X2: X-Men United is rated PG-13, runs 2 hours and 13 minutes and can be seen at Edwards Stadium Cinemas and Signature Theatres. For more information visit