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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Students feel pressure, nerves due to AP exams

As the end of the school year approaches, student tension is becoming evident. Advanced Placement (AP) students are really starting to buckle down in preparation for their final AP tests.

In an AP class, students are given an abundance of information throughout the year. These student are expected to participate in all assignments given, for there is no grade bestowed upon them for homework. The only grade they receive is at the end of the year when they take the test. If they pass, then they receive a full year of college credit, but if their scores are not up to college standards, then none of the work put in that year will count.

The AP teachers realize how important it is for there students to pass their end of the year test and are going to great lengths to help them excell. AP history teacher, Kori Friesen, explains her expectations for her classes.

“The stress level is starting to get very high,” Friesen said. “I’ve been doing as much as I can to prepare my students the best I can. If they choose not to study what I give them then that’s on them, but if they buckle down and do their work, they should be just fine.”

While the pressure is heavy on the teachers, it is even heavier on the students. Sophomore AP U.S. history student, Justin Houts describes how he is working to pass his test.

“Yeah, I’m starting to get pretty stressed with the test coming up,” Houts said. “I’ve been doing all the assignmets and packets given to me, but I’m still really nervous for the test. I’ve heard the test is pretty hard. I’m sure if I keep up my studying everynight, though, I should be fine.”

Each A.P. test will be held on a different day. AP Calculus will be on May 7, English Literature and Composition will be on May 8, Statistics on May 9. Biology on May 12 and American and European history will both be on May 14, American in the morning and European in the afternoon.

For more information contact Michelle Warkentin via email: @[email protected], or visit her office.

This writer can be reach via Twitter: @RRoggenstein. Follow The Feather via Twitter: @thefeather.

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