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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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EDITORIAL: Overcoming everyday excuses

As the first quarter of the school year wraps up, campus students begin to stress and doubt about the various responsibilities each individual has stacked up. A major part of student life turns into wondering if there is enough time in the day to finish their pile of tasks.

With scares such as Ebola and the never ending drought taking over the news, things may seem quite depressing in the world. Some students have grown apathetic towards these news events, but the problem is that apathy seeps into other parts of their lives. Namely, procrastination.

Procrastination is a common theme laced into the lives of students, and just about everyone else in the world. This excuse is founded in fear: fear that we are not good enough and fear of failure. However, this is not the answer to our problems.

Cutting out procrastination is easier said than done. For many, It is difficult to face these responsibilities head on and to take leadership.

Embarrassment is a common factor for all teens. Our image is everything and failure is not an option. This ever-revolving cycle is an unhealthy reflection of our shaky self-esteem.

If students are unwilling to make sacrifices for their campus and the lives of others, it does not simply affect them, but will later turn to negatively affect everyone.

Sometimes it is hard to admit that we cannot do everything on our own. That does not mean that we should give up on everything. It can be hard to practice tough love on ourselves, but in some situations it is necessary.

The first step to making positive changes is letting go of our apathy. People all around are monitoring and figuring out how you act and what role you play on your campus. If all we do is complain each and every day, nothing will ever get done.

It is time to go, to help out. If you want to receive, then you must give. You cannot expect something that you do not give in return.

It works like this: If you do not give enthusiasm, then you do not get enthusiasm. We are capable, but we often times let ourselves be defined by our excuses. If no credit is given, then it is as if no work was made.

Homecoming is coming up and many students are less than likely to help with activities. Our percentages of students involved in Homecoming may be higher than nearby schools due to our small population, but that means that individuals are so much more valuable to campus culture.

Instead of hearing people complaining about our school, make a difference so that others won’t. Don’t allow other depressing themes get in the way we view our lives. If they make an impact on you, allow it to be a positive one.

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