Summer plans shape up as school winds down

Other Staff

With papers lining the hall, students jump for joy. “It is over schools out,” as students’ scream at the top of their lungs in excitement.

While some hop in their pools others are at home working on the summer school packets to have a less chaotic school year.

“I will be taking summer school to help my schedule and so it wont be so chaotic next year,” Tara Albrechtson, ’06, said. “I also will be doing summer league for basketball and going to Hawaii.”

While others stay at home some students go with their church on mission trips.

“I am going to Romania for a missions trip,” Kristin Dunne, ’04, said. “I also will be working at cold stone most of the summer.”

While family vacations take up part of a students’ summer, others stay at home and hang out with their friends. April Chapple, ’06, be traveling this summer to visit family but she also plans to stay in Fresno to hang out with friends.

“I am going to visit family for summer in Minnesota and Texas,” Chapple said, “but when I am ever in Fresno I am going to hang out with my friends and see tons of movies. I just don’t want to be bored this summer.”

Some students will be practicing football to give the campus school another winning team. Students practice football and others take summer league to improve their favorite sport.

“This year I will be playing football and spending most of my summer practicing,” Afshin Safffarzadeh, ’05, said. “I also will be going to six flags with my church.”

Some students go with family to have a family reunion with relatives they have not seen in awhile.

“I am going with my family for a family reunion in Cleveland,” Molly Carlin, ’06, said. “I am going to Cedar Point, an amusement park. I am going to have the best summer ever!”