Sports Awards Night postponed

Other Staff

The crowd falls silent as every athlete in the crowd holds their breath anxiously waiting to see who received an award for their hard work in a sport. The announcer breathes deep and calls out a name. Excitedly a beaming athlete rises and walks to the stage finally getting the recognition that they had worked so hard for.

On campus the Sports Awards normally take place on a school night, right after a sport comes to a close. Although this year the Parent Support Network has decided to have it on the last day of school due to a lack of time.

The PSN has three awards that they always give out to the athletes for their hard work and dedication. Each sports activity athletes vote for the members on their team that they think best describe the requirements.

The first award is the Simon Of Cyrene, which is an award for an athlete with the most determination and commitment. The awards named after Simon of Cyrene goes to the player who demonstrated the greatest determination, the most “guts,” and the deepest commitment throughout the season.

The Aaron Awards is for encouragement and team spirit. This athlete is especially sensitive to the importance of spirituality when it comes to the success of Eagle teams and conveys that sensitivity even in the course of athletic competition.

Lastly, there is the Eagle Award for outstanding team leadership. This award is given to the player who, in the estimation of his/her teammates, contributes the most to the overall success and performance of the team.

These awards will take place on May 29 in Ground Zero from 8:30 to 10 am. Parents and students are all invited and it will be a time to remember.