Thanks Papa for summer school

Other Staff

Dear editor,

Principal Gary Schultz deserves more recognition. In her May article, “Packets free summer schedule,” Mona Yazdanpanah writes about the convenience of summer school packers and how they offer students the ability to study at their own pace, improve their G.P.A, and free up their schedule for the following year.

I agree with Yazdanpanah’s article and I thought it to be very informative, however I was disappointed that it did not commend the commitment of Mr. Schultz for making this program possible. This is another reason he is known as ?Papa’ on campus.

As an incoming freshman, I did a summer school packet to free up my freshman year schedule and received the added benefit of getting to know Mr. Schultz. He was always nice, helpful, and encouraged me to do my best.

Each summer since, I have taken packets and watched how hard Mr. Schultz works to meet with each student for their weekly test. While the majority of Fresno Christian High School’s faculty is on vacation, Mr. Schultz labors for the interest of his students.

The summer packet program is great and meets the needs of many students, but without the dedication of Mr. Schultz, we would not have this opportunity.