Yearbooks sold at discount during activity day

Other Staff

With the beginning of a new school year, student leadership believes it is important for students to become involved. The yearbook class gave students a prime opportunity on Aug. 27 and sold campus yearbooks in the gym for a one-day price of $60.

After purchasing the yearbook, students were encouraged to sign up for a number of activities. Student leadership also sold nut house t-shirts to the students.

“Everyone bought yearbooks, took pictures and signed up for clubs, all in one big event,” ASB president Adam Leisle, ’04, said. “It was also a time to just hang out with your friends.” Once done, the students interacted with their friends until class resumed.

The students signed up for a number of activities such as: CSF, Teachers of Tomorrow, FCA and senior buddies. The yearbook class organized the new event.

“Activity Day was more efficient than events held in past years,” Molly Sargent, yearbook coordinator, said. “Instead of holding different events on different days, we covered everything in a concise and coherent manner.”

The special yearbook price comes with accessories such as a cover for $1, icons for $4 each, and $5 for labeling. A down payment of $20 allowed students to attain the special discount price of $60, while paying the $40 during the year. The yearbook will now cost $70 for those who did not take advantage of the one-day sale.

Jeff Smith handled photography for the day. Two pictures were taken, one for the student’s identification card and another for the school yearbook.

Activity day was a day for “the whole student body to come together for bonding,” Sargent said.

Student Identification cards will be given out Aug. 28 after chapel.