Luncheon welcomes new students

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Marcus franticly tumbles out of bed, sprawling across his bedroom floor turning the corner into the bathroom. The shower spurts out ice-cold water but he must face it in order to be on time.

After downing down a glass of milk and a handful of cereal, he grabs his backpack and lunch money and jumps into his car. He arrives five minutes before the last bell and carefully slips into his seat. The beginning of the first day of school is now officially over.

There are a total of 289 students on campus this year and 45 of them are new students. Campus faculty are looking forward to the many contributions these students will provide to FC’s environment.

“When we interviewed students about why they wanted to come,” Jon Endicott, vice principal, said, ” we asked them what they will be contributing to FC. It is exciting to see them here with their gifts and new energy.”

Some students decided to come to a private school because of the opportunity to participate in athletics.

“I wanted to get away from Madera High,” Greg Cotterell, ’04, said. “I enjoy the new small school environment. I am looking forward to playing football and track at FC because I love sports.”

Some students came to FC because they wanted to share in a God-filled environment and associate with friends that have the same beliefs.

“I wanted to go to a school were I could practice my faith everyday,” Jason Harris, ’07, said, “I enjoy having friends who share my same values.”

A new student luncheon was held on Sep. 4 in the J.J. Room sponsored by student leadership.