Entertainment sells

Other Staff

With the new school year beginning and the payments for the choir trip to Hawaii almost due, visions of white beaches and crystal blue waters dance in the student’s heads. The first $170 payment is due on Sept. 25.

The campus students are looking for ways to raise money through fundraisers. Many have chosen to sell Entertainment books as a way of paying for their school expenses.

The books cost $35 each and the student receives $7 for each book they sell after the first one. The funds of the first book go to the school. The students have the choice of where the money is directed.

“The students who sell the most books are usually involved in sports and activities,” Cheryl Pohl, secretary, said. “It is a great way for student to raise money for their activities instead of having their parents pay for everything.”

Many students have high hopes for sales this year.

“I am planning to sell 28 books this year to help raise money for football costs,” Carson Belmont, ’05, said. “I have already sold three to my friends and family.”

The sale will be going on for another two weeks and money collected from the books can be returned to the office. A new set of Entertainment books will be on sale in mid September through Oct. 6. The books can be picked up in the office.

For more information about the books contact Cheryl Pohl at 299-1695, ext. 128.