Endurance training tests athletes

Other Staff

In basketball, if players are not playing during the season, they are practicing for the preseason. Since June, varsity basketball players have gone from summer league to open gyms in order to keep in shape.

From Aug. 19 to Nov. 3 basketball players endure conditioning from Ericlee Gilmore, track coach, on the campus’ main field.

“This is a preseason tradition of four years,” Gilmore said. “My role is to push these athletes beyond their limit, and once they’re pushed to make them still go over a hundred percent. I hope that these athletes get out of this program as much hard work as they put in.”

Workouts begin with warm-ups and drills to loosen up the body. On a daily rotation the team participates in weight lifting and condition sprinting. All these things improve an athlete’s strength, agility, and endurance.

“It’s pretty tough, but well worth it,” Ross Charest, ’05, said. “These conditioning days prove our hard work and dedication. We have great expectations for the season.”

The varsity team has only one returning player, Josh Wright, ’05, for upcoming season. The most important change is the team’s new sense of direction under the new head coach, Michael Neal. Neal has been the junior varsity coach for three years.

Neal’s objective includes transforming the entire basketball department, elementary to varsity, into a dynasty.

“We’re going to surprise a lot of people,” Neal said. “Our playing style is different, the team will be more offensive minded. And we’re going to make the playoffs.”