Choir members focus on standards, commitment

Other Staff

On the first day of the new school year, students entered Marc Ferguson’s classroom talking loudly about their summers. However, first year choir students were surprised to find that concert choir is not all fun and games.

“The biggest surprise for me was finding that we had to try out to even stay in the class,” Corinne Pogue, ?06, said. “It was scary.”

The decision to hold auditions was supported by many students, parents and teachers.
“I think it is good to have standards,” Carolyn Ocheltree, mother of two ensemble members, said. “Athletic teams have standards, why shouldn’t choir?”

In previous years concert choir was open to everyone, leaving the more difficult pieces to ensemble. Ferguson believes the new standard will raise the caliber of concert choir.

“This year will be the best year we’ve had because the new students have all received prior training,” Ferguson, music director, said. “Now we can grow to the level.”

Students are expected to be familiar with reading sheet music and understand basic choral technique. This leaves Ferguson free to teach more advanced skills that the students will be able to use after high school.

“I’m planning on attending Fresno Pacific University, and hopefully joining their choir,” Emily Goertzen, ’04, said.

Ferguson recently announced this year’s spring tour to Hawaii. The students will be responsible to raise $670 plus money for food and gifts for the March trip but fundraising ideas have yet to be announced.

“Hawaii will be great because I am in need of new moccasins and that is just the place to get them,” Sunny Petrie, ’05, said. “Then I can wear them while I dance the hula in a grass skirt.”

Choir and ensemble will be performing in the annual Christmas Concert on December 8 at 7:00 P.M. This paper will give specifics on venue at a later date.