FCHS triumphs over Cougars

Other Staff

Despite a 35-14 loss to Firebaugh, on Sept. 28, the Eagles have refocused for the Oct. 5 game against the McFarland Cougars. Casey Belmont, ’02, threw a 33-yard pass to Evan Sanders, ’03, to put Fresno ahead, 14-6, at half time. However the Firebaugh Eagles would score 27 points off Fresno’s four turnovers in the second half.

“Overall I was pleased,” said coach Jon Hall. “We put our defense into a tough position and they still played well. Our biggest focus is to cut down on turnovers and penalties. Other than those aspects we’re making big strides.”

Chris Love however led the defensive again with a season high of 16 tackles. His feelings toward the game were also positive.

“I feel we preformed well even though we lost,” Chris Love, ’02, said. “We just need to stay focused through all four quarters and stay aggressive.