Grateful for grandparents

Other Staff

I want to thank Alec Kneefel [Grandparents return to classrooms] for writing such a great September Internet article about our grandparents and recognizing the impact that they have on students.

Grandparents are a major part of our lives. Many teens have a healthy relationship with their grandparents; some live with them, while others may never have had the privilege of meeting their grandparents.

The fact that we have set aside a whole day to celebrate grandparents is very cool. Teenagers can learn amazing things from grandparents who are such a wonderful gift.

If I were asked to give two reasons why my grandparents mean so much to me, my first answer would be that they are always there for me. If I am having a hard time or need to get out of my house, I am able to call my grandparents and go over to their house. My dad’s parents are the only grandparents I have and I am so grateful for them.

Another reason why my grandparents mean so much to me would be that they are so generous. Living with four sisters has always been fun and crazy, but there hasn’t always been enough money for extra things.

I am so blessed to have such generous, loving grandparents. They have given me so much. Yet sometimes it feels as though, I have nothing to give them back.

Though I do not always have something to give, they know that I love them. Their love is so special. My grandparents are seriously the funniest people I know. And the greatest part about them is that they do not know how funny they are. Most of the time, they are oblivious to the reasons why I love them.

I am so glad that I was able to eat lunch with my grandparents and cousins [Daniel Edwards and Amanda Edwards]. For those of us who know our grandparents and were able to each lunch with them grandparents, we are truly blessed.