Seniors motivate underclassmen

Other Staff

I read the article, “Seniors retreat to Calvin Crest,” by Melinda Davis, and I can feel how fun it was. And, maybe that was not just fun; I believe God was with them, too.

The article shows me how seniors are spending their time. And when I saw the film at the chapel, I easily imagined how it was. I am getting a good feeling knowing that seniors are worshiping God.

In few months, they will be adults, and all of them will change a lot. Some will be really good Christians, and some might forget about God. So I think that the worshiping can help them with God when they have a hard time in society.

This year will be their last year to be friends with each other and think about God in high school. I’m really excited about next year because I will be a senior and I really want to have time with friends and God.

It looks like a really great article and pictures how great the retreat was. Go Eagles!


Young-Ju Cho is originally from Seoul, South Korea. She has been studying English for three years and plans on returning home after graduation in 2005.