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Apathy kills learning

As the emphasis on higher levels of education becomes predominant in today’s society, the desire to achieve this kind of higher learning seems to have diminished amongst the nation’s youth. With September only half over, progress reports are already showing Ds and Fs.

High school students’ motivation has dwindled from a genuine desire to learn on opening day to a listless desire for a diploma.

Even this feeble aspiration is growing uncommon among youth today. All states require students to attend school; without these imposed restrictions, some would resolve to drop out. This attitude is evident through the widespread academic apathy that runs rampant on campuses across the nation.

If students have little motivation for being in school beside the fear of recrimination/discipline, the quality of learning will never advance.

So why would students want to attend school? The answer lies in the teachers creating an enjoyable, while informational, learning environment.

However, some teachers choose to simply teach the basics, often becoming exasperated with the trying duties of an educator.

So who’s at fault? Do we blame students for not caring, teachers for not providing or parents for not influencing?

On the contrary, the blame does not fall on a single party; rather it takes each group working cooperatively to attain academic excellence.

Students should make a choice to learn ? with their future in mind. Similarly, teachers should recognize the purpose of their profession is to equip students for their futures. Parents also play a significant role by encouraging and inspiring their children to apply themselves in their studies.

It comes down to a decision: will we all choose to have a passion to learn and better our lives or simply go through the motions?

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