Spanish culture, tradition comes alive

Other Staff

Spanish class offers a unique experience every year for students to become familiar with the Latin American culture. On Sept. 26, during third period, the Spanish III class will get a unique opportunity to converse with a guest speaker from Mexico.

Maros Perez, a Mexican pastor, will be sharing about his childhood, the culture of Mexico and allowing the students to have a deeper look into Latin American life.

“The kids love to hear about Mexican culture,” Beatriz Foth, Spanish teacher, said, “especially from someone other than myself. They really enjoy it and become more interested in the Mexican culture.”

Guest speakers have been sharing their stories to the Spanish III class for 12 years.

“It enlightened me last year,” Brandon Diaso, ’05, said, “on other cultural traditions and backgrounds. It was cool to get out of doing work and being able to eat food and listen to a speaker.”

Traditional Mexican dishes will also be served when the speaker arrives.

“It was cool to see someone else’s culture and life in last year’s class,” Katherine Babcock, ’04, said. “Having a fiesta after the speaker also made it great. ”

Although Marcos Perez is a new speaker this year, the students are still enthusiastic.

“I want to know why he came to America and what he thinks about it,” Victor Cabias, ’05, said. “It will also be interesting to learn about his culture.”