Band wins Caruthers Fair Parade

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Necks crane, and a hush fell over the expectant crowd. Judges scrutinized every aspect of the their appearance. Eager parents started video cameras rolling, as the band stepped off, and the march began.

For the first time in school history, the campus band captured first place in the Caruthers Fair, competing against bands up to three times larger. All previous campus bands, limited by their size, never placed higher than second in the annual competition, held on Sept. 27.

“I thought our band marched exceptionally well,” Paul McEntee, band director, said. “Especially because it was our first parade. I expected us to do well, and I was very pleased that they fulfilled my expectations.

Band participants were proud of their achievements.

“I was really happy with the way we performed,” trumpeter Andrew King, ’06, said. “It was really exciting to get first place. The whole band was really pumped when they announced it; we cheered like crazy.”

The day’s summer-like weather proved an obstacle to be overcome, as band members struggled to march well in heavy woolen uniforms.

“It was incredibly hot!” clarinetist Alysa Muzny, ’05, said. “As we were marching, we were sweating like crazy. I could feel the pavement burning through my shoes. It was really gross.”

Much of the band attended the Caruthers Fair after their marching duties were done.

“I had a lot of fun at the fair after the parade,” percussionist Peter Ocheltree, ’07, said. “There was a ton to do there. My friends and I walked around, played games, and drank humongous smoothies. It was definitely more fun than marching.”

Marching practices will continue, as the band prepares to defend their first place finish.

“I expect this band to get first place just about everywhere we go,” McEntee said. “I think we can definitely out-do most of our competition. But, that doesn’t mean we will slack off; we will to continue to work hard.”

The colorguard and majorette Melodie McColm, ’04, also placed first in the competition.

The band will next perform at halftime on Oct. 3 during Homecoming. Their next parade will be Oct. 18 during the Visalia Parade and Band Review.” “Ryan Aydelotte” “For the first time in school history, marching band won the Caruthers Fair Parade on Sept. 27. Majorette Melodie McColm and colorguard also won first place.” “Ryan Aydelotte” “After the band won the Caruthers Fair Parade, director Paul McEntee, center rear, congratulates the group before boarding the bus to head back to Fresno on Sept. 27.” “