Christian musician impresses

Other Staff

Dear Editor,

In response to the September online article by Melinda Davis, “”Grammy Winner to Perform at Fair,”” I found myself agreeing with her points and views. I went to the Stacie Orrico concert on October 4 at The Big Fresno Fair.

Melinda wrote that Stacie has separated herself from ordinary girls. I believe that she was given the chance to spread her music throughout the world with her song “”Stuck,”” and “”More to Life.”” Those songs drew in a lot of people and made them interested about the artist who was singing them.

Through her transitions in her music, Orrico has still kept her Christian background, and that is what impresses me. A lot of artists would lose their gospel background if their non-Christian songs were a big hit compared to the Christian songs.

At the fair, Stacie Orrico sang her gospel songs too. When Melinda quoted Orrico and how she wanted to impact people’s lives of all ages, I think she has achieved part of that goal. At the concert, there were people of all ages and many cultures.