Positive aspects of heat

Other Staff

Dear editor,

I read the September online article, “”Attitude, expectations dominant tennis outlook,”” [Anne Hierholzer] and I found the article to show a very positive way to view the warm weather.

I play on the tennis team and had never thought of the sun in a positive way like Michelle [Smith] talked about. After reading what Michelle had to say about how the sun is good to get awesome tans, I agree with her.

Even though when we take off our shoes and our feet show the white sock line. The sun is working hard bronzing our skin as tennis is outside until four practicing everyday to improve our game.

During practices the team really does try their hardest at every aspect of the game like Mr. [coach George] Freeman said. I hope the work pays off and we make it to the Valley Championship. Since I am a freshman, I have not experienced the rivalry between Fresno Christian and Templeton, but I hope that this is the year, unlike the past three, we will win.

Anne Hierholzer did an excellent job with this article; it was very optimistic.