Small groups connect, influence

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Small groups are back again. The ten-year-old campus tradition continues under the guidance of Scott Falk, campus pastor. Small groups were introduced for the year with a special chapel on Oct. 30.

“The primary responsibility of ?care groups’ is to make sure each student has another student to look after them,” Falk said. “They provide a welcoming environment and give chances to be involved with different students.”

The leaders of small groups volunteer for the position and select their own members. Falk hopes that this self-motivation will make an impact on the campus.

“I’ll do my best to help out my group,” Andrew Kaiser, ’05, said. “I’ll listen and try to become a friend and a part of my group’s life.”

This year, small groups plan on expanding their current role. The new mission includes evolving the current system into an efficient and effective way to reach out to students.

“I want to spend a lot of time in small groups and help influence lives,” Tara Thompson, ’04, said. “I want to try to organize fun events that go past the regular off-campus lunch.”

The small groups leaders plan on mending past discrepancies, and leaving a good impression upon the student body.

“My small group last year did absolutely nothing,” Bethany Morton, ’06, said. “I don’t even recall the leader because outside of the few mandatory meetings I never spent time with them.”

Some past members of small groups have achieved the position of leader or assistant leader. They plan on using their past experiences to aid them in their role of service.

“My experiences with small groups were all right, I suppose,” Brandon Diaso, ’05, said. “My group did hardly anything, but I’m going to do my best to change that in my group, since I am a leader this year.”

Small groups will meet for the first time during a special assembly and breakfast on Nov. 6 from 8:45-9:35 A.M.

For more information on small groups, contact Falk at 297-9464, ext. 121.