Annual beach trip a campus tradition

Other Staff

The sound of the waves crashing against the warm sand and the sight of the beaches stretching on for miles created an unforgettable experience for students at the 7th annual beach trip on Nov. 7 The day was full of fun, fellowship, and football.

“The trip was for the students to go out to support the football team, have fun, and experience fellowship with other students,” Eunie McEntee, P.E. teacher, said. “I have so much fun with the kids.”

The trip was planned for students to support the football team in their last regular season game against Coast Union. Students were allowed to hang out at the beach, go shopping and eat at restaurants around the area.

“I loved hanging out at the beach with my friends instead of going to school,” Joelle Grimes, ’06, said. “My friends and I went to all the stores in Cayucos and just had a blast spending time together.”

For the students who spent their day at the beach, a football and Frisbee game was open to anyone who wished to participate. The group picture on the pier was cancelled this year.

“I went walking on the beach with friends,” Eliza Leslie, ’07, said. “We got to go on the pier and just hung out. I had a lot of fun and I am definitely looking forward to next year.”

The football team defeated Coast Union, 7-3, and many students appeared to have a great time at the beach.

“This is the best school tradition,” Jenny Fricklin, ’04, said. “This was the fourth beach trip I have gone to. The football game was my favorite part about the trip.”

Teachers were pleased with the well manners expressed by the students and the students enjoyed spending the day at the beach.

“I went into a candy shop about 10 minutes before we left,” Molly Sargent, trip chaperone, said. “In a short conversation with the owner, she expressed to me how well behaved, polite and courteous our students were.”

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