Leadership attends mountain retreat

Other Staff

Campus leadership coordinator, Eunie McEntee, will be taking four leadership students to the Association for Christian Schools International [ACSI] Leadership camp at Mt. Herman in the Santa Cruz Mountains from Nov. 12-14.

“This trip will help us develop more ideas and be able to better serve our student body,” McEntee said. “There will be activities, chapel, speakers, outreach and worship.”

ACSI camp gives younger leaders a chance to expand in their leadership skills.

“We only chose younger students so they will be able to apply the skills they learn at this camp to future years in FC leadership,” McEntee said.

This camp is the largest event campus leadership has been involved in and high school leadership groups from the West Coast and Hawaii will be present.

“This is the first time our leadership group has ever gone to a camp this big,” Jenna Burford, ’05, said. “There will be schools there from all over and we’ll be able to learn more about what they do in their leadership programs.”

Hillary Kell [’05], Carina Moran [’05], Tara Albrechtson [’06] and Burford will be gone for three days and two nights at the leadership camp this week.

“I’m really excited about this trip,” Albrechtson said. “It’s a chance for us girls to get together and not only be challenged to learn more about each other, but to learn more about being better leaders.”

For more information on student leadership, contact McEntee through the high school office at 299-1695, ext.5.