Thanksgiving traditions vary; Christmas next

Other Staff

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration for most. Some people gather with their family to have dinner, some people watch sports, and others do nothing. Whatever people do on Thanksgiving, it is still a holiday on which everyone can get away from school, jobs, and all around work. A poll taken on campus discovered the different ways students spend the holiday.

58% out of 216 students polled on campus said they celebrate Thanksgiving with their family by having dinner and spending the evening with them.

“I like Thanksgiving,” Daniel Kessler, ’06, said, “It gives me a chance to spend time with my family and have dinner with people whom I don’t see very often.”

The other 42% of students said that along with the Thanksgiving dinner they also watch sports.

“We always watch football on Thanksgiving,” Tyler Charest, ’05, said. “We also as a family watch racing until we fall asleep.”

Thanksgiving is not only a time of celebration, but it is also a gateway for the beginning of the Christmas season.

“I usually go to Shaver Lake with my family,” Jessica Berg, ’07, said. “Thanksgiving is fun because I realize that Christmas and New Years are right around the corner.”

Most students cherish the fact that they are getting a longer weekend and more time off from school.

“I love the extra time off from school.” Tyler Wiebe, ’04, said. “It is my favorite holiday, because I get to eat a lot of food, spend time with my relatives and I don’t have to go to school.”

After Thanksgiving ends, Christmas stares students in the face and many worry about getting gifts for friends and decorations for their house.

“I love getting ready for Christmas,” Suyen Milan, ’05, said. “Thanksgiving and Christmas have almost molded into one this year. I have a lot of fun shopping for gifts and finding decorations for the house. It is one of the best parts of Christmas.”

Many students have different feelings on Thanksgiving, whether it is a time to get away from school, to eat a big dinner, or spend time with their family, it is still a way for them to enjoy a holiday and have fun in the process.