Christmas vacation highlights school year

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As the holiday season approaches the hoopla of two weeks without homework are on the mind of students. Some are simply looking forward to the break from school while others can only think presents, presents, presents. Christmas vacation, Dec.19 – Jan. 5, means chance to venture out of the Fresno area and an opportunity to celebrate the Christmas with extended family members.

“I am very excited for vacation,” Suyen Milian, ’05, said. “I’m going to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with my family. I really like vacation because it gives me a break from my studies and spend time with family.”

Other students would rather spend time at home with their family members.

“I can’t wait until my grandma comes for the holidays,” Kacie Filgas, ’05, said. ” Having her around is really nice because being with family over the holidays makes you feel really special.”

For many receiving gifts is the highlight of the Christmas season.

“The best part about Christmas is getting gifts from my family,” Maury Tunner, ’04, said. I really enjoy people giving me gifts instead of me giving them the gifts.”

While some people love receiving gifts, others find happiness in giving to others.

“Christmas is very exciting to me,” Jordan Scott, ’07, said, ” I enjoy getting gifts but I also like helping out people who need some warmth during the holidays.”

Whether giving gifts, drinking hot chocolate around a warm fire, or spending time with family, Christmas vacation is associated as a family gathering rather than a religion holiday.” “Madeline Ervin, Photographer” “During their journalism final on Dec. 18, Juniors Chris White and Anne Heirholzer opened white elephant gifts. The gifts consisted of a broken Mr. Potato Head keychain, santa boxers, a toy dinosaur and many more. The time journalism students spent togethor during the holiday allowed them to grow closer as friends, and as a class.” “Madeline Ervin, Photographer” “To Junior Anne Heirholzer delight, Junior Chris White donned his new Santa threads during journalisms white elephent gift exchange, on Dec. 18. White’s threads weere stolen and he ended up with a hackysack and Finding Nemo action figure.” “Insert text here