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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Confidence, self control drive Dateable teens

High school often brings a slew of relationships: teachers, peers, parents, but the single most drama-causing relationship is that of the opposite sex.

In Justin Lookadoo and Haley Morgan’s teen dating commentary, Dateable: Are you? Are They?, boys and girls are exposed for what they “really are.” Dateable claims, ” we’ve got stuff on them they never wanted you to know.”

Dateable takes a look into the worlds of both boys and girls and the oft-taboo topic of sex/dating. It is a great way for teens to understand the opposite sex and how to be aware of unhealthy relationships. With the first chapter entitled “It will not last,” Dateable puts young love in perspective.

With chapters such as “The way it begins equals the way it will end,” the book gives readers different scenarios of relationships that go too fast, are too shallow or too physical.

Lookadoo and Morgan write specifically to both sexes about what they can do to become dateable. For all the males out there, Lookadoo and Morgan encourage boys to “be a man” and step up to the plate. It goes on to further explain that if boys are interested in a girl, invest time, be a gentleman- chivalry is not dead!

For girls the advice is simple and meaningful. Be secure in yourself and you will have a better chance to make wise choices. Additionally, Lookadoo encourages them to be mysterious and selective with your words because most boys don’t want to hear your life story on the first date.

The book claims that after readers are finished Dateable; they will no longer be clueless about the opposite sex. Dateable sometimes portrays boys as manipulating dogs and girls as weak, insecure and needy.

However, the commentary has its points. Derogatory? Well, not really. Truthful? Definitely. This book is the rulebook of dating- what not to say, what is necessary to address and the different classifications of the other gender.

One of the most impressive aspects of this book is the authors’ ability to educate both sexes on how to be dateable. So what exactly does being “dateable” mean?

Lookadoo and Morgan explain a dateable person as having an internal sense of confidence, control, and sexuality that inadvertently attracts members of the opposite sex. This naturally results in positive affects before, during, and after the relationship.

So you think you are ready for the dating world? My advice to you would be to read Dateable and you might find you are not as great as you think.

The bottom line is simple, don’t get into a relationship until you are Dateable; it will save you and your object of affection a lot of time and heartbreak.

Check out more about being Dateable at Dateable by Jonathan Lookadoo and Haley Morgan can be found at all major bookstores and Christian bookstores nation-wide.

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