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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Extreme sports for Extreme Days

Pow, pow, pow…. Paintballs whizzed through the air, bringing cries of pain and frustration with them. Four extreme sport loving friends: Corey, Matt, Brian, and Will, took one final road trip down the West Coast after college.

Along the way they sought thrills and adventures by participating in various extreme sports such as snowboarding, surfing, skate boarding and paintball. Corey’s grandfather, the boy’s hero, brought them gifts and told them stories, which they all treasured. When he died he left Corey money and a car, so he and his friends headed for Seattle in their Joyota (half Jeep, half Toyota) to claim his inheritance.

Extreme Days is a movie that follows these college graduates as they travel to the West Coast. As the trip got underway, the group bumped into Jessie Jacobs, Matt McKeague’s cousin, and she joined them for their adventure. Brian Davidson tried to work his way into Jessie’s life while on the trip using the same tactics as he did with other girls.

Jessie, with her unique personality and love for the Lord, kept her values strong. As a tight-knit group, they stuck together and grew stronger with the Lord and each other. Eric Hannah directed his third movie while Cindy Bond and Betsy Chasse II produced the movie. Extreme Days can be seen at Edwards Cinemas in Riverpark and has been playing since Sept. 28.

Ryan Browning, who can also be seen on the Web television program, Whatever, played actor Brian Davidson. Browning’s love for the camera began when he attended the American Film Institute, according to an interview Browning did with, “About halfway through my first year, I kept feeling this urge that I had never felt before to be in front of the camera,” Browning said.

When Browning is not shooting a film or a show he can be found playing soccer, horseback riding, snowboarding, or mountain biking.

“Corey, added more of a drama part to the movie, Greg Tharpe, ’04, said. “He gave inspiration to the movie through what he had to deal with. It also brought encouragement to my life.”

Dante Basco, who is a resident of the Los Angeles area, performs Corey Ng. He and his brothers perform together as the Fly Brown Dragons, in which they mix a unique blend of rap, and hip-hop style at various venues around the city.

“I liked how whenever there was a problem they turned to the Bible,” Daurissa Garcia, ’03 said. “I liked Jessie cause she was cute and funny.”

Cassidy Rae played Jessie Jacobs. She has performed in both big and small screen roles such as Models Inc, Hyperion Bays, and Crowned and Dangerous. She hopes to own a production company. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, softball, gymnastics, and traveling.

Will Davidson acts as AJ Buckley in the movie. According Extreme, Davidson loves to play drums when away from the set and can be found at many local hangouts playing a circular drum with fellow band mate Ryan Gossling. Writing, snowboarding and hanging out with friends keep him busy while not in front of the camera.

“Matt (McKeague) added a lot of spice to this movie,” Kyle Gentz, ’05 said. “He took risks, and was carefree, which added humor to the movie. I believe he’s also a Christian guy which teenagers can look to as a godly role model.”

Derek Hamilton, a new actor, had the opportunity to play Matt Makegue the earthly daredevil of the movie. When he was young he aspired to be a boxer, but then grew fond of the camera. He had the opportunity to be Trent Whalen in MGM’s Disturbing Behavior. He too takes pleasure in surfing, writing, playing chess and performing Brazilian jujitsu.

“I really thought it was a funny movie that people should go see,” Lindsay DeCosta, ’02, said. “I expected it to be more about God, but it was still good. They have an awesome soundtrack!”

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