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A view from the outside

College. To many people, it’s just a place to go after high school if you don’t have anything else to do. In reality, it’s much more.

I’ve been preparing for college since I was in elementary school and have been ready to go since my junior year of high school. So, when my first day of classes rolled around this fall, I was predictably excited. Even at the end of my first semester, I’m still excited.

College is more than a series of classes ? it’s an experience. There’s nothing quite like spending the morning in the library, doing homework or studying for a test.

There’s no feeling comparable to sitting in a crowded lecture hall, listening to a professor teach math to hundreds of students at a time. Above all, you’ll learn amazing things in your classes, whether you like the topic or not.

In my first semester of college, I’ve not only gained a lot of academic knowledge but also a lot of life knowledge. The most critical thing to do in college is stay organized. There’s no one around to remind you to pay your tuition fees or finish your term papers ? and forgetting about them can be fatal to your academic career.

The bottom line is this: the real key to collegiate success lies in your own preparation.
Learn all you can in high school ? the same stuff will appear on tests later.

Take AP classes ? they’ll be more work now but save you lots of time later. And, above all, enjoy high school. Get involved. The friends and acquaintances you make now will help you later.

Above all, remember this: whatever college you go to, be it big or small, religious or secular, will not be like Fresno Christian, for better or for worse. Enjoy high school while you can, and be ready to move on when the time comes.

About the author: Bradley Hart was editor-in-chief of The Feather from 2000 until he graduated in June 2003. He is currently in his second semester at California State University, Fresno, majoring in political science. Hart is also working part-time at KMPH radio,107.5 FM, as a writer and (occasional) editor for the afternoon news.

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