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Contentment not easily attained

“With all the distractions in life, who has time to be content anyways?” These words ring throughout the hallways, pausing conversations and interrupting thoughts, yet are only given consideration for a few moments.

They are quickly forgotten as the banter resumes and life continues at its break-neck speed.

In today’s world, many set out on a lifelong quest for the ultimate possession that will bring true happiness. The search for contentment haunts students, parents and professionals alike.

For some, it has been hinted that true contentment can only be found in the search for contentment itself; for others, contentment is a choice.

“Contentment is being happy with what you have and not anxious about what you don’t [have],” Christa Williams, ’05, said. “I am content because I have learned that being discontent doesn’t make you happy, obviously.”

This choice to be happy confronts everyone at some point in life. Whether it is admitted or not, each person eventually notices that hole in their life.

In their song, “(Can’t Get My) Head Around You”, on their Splinter album, Offspring sings, ?Deep inside your soul there’s a hole you don’t wanna see.’

The band Hoobastank echoes the same sentiment in their song “Crawling in the Dark”. On their self-titled album they sing, ?I’ve been crawling in the dark looking for the answer. Is there something more than what I’ve been handed?’

As most of the secular world continues their search for something to fill their empty hearts, some in the Christian music industry proclaim to have found the answer.

In their song, “God Shaped Hole”, on their Candycoatedwaterdrops album, the band Plumb sings, ?There’s a God-shaped hole in all of us, where the restless soul is searching.’

Out of 205 campus students polled, 43 rated time spent with God as the No. one activity that brings contentment. Ninety students rated it in their top three choices.

“Yes [I am content],” Bethany Moore, ’04, said. “The Lord has given me all I need and never more than I can handle.”

This personal relationship with Christ seems to provide meaning and purpose for life in a society propelled by the search for the ultimate truth.

Of course, not everyone finds fulfillment in Christ; of the 205 students polled, 55 rated anything from hanging out with friends to having a lot of money as the number one thing that brings contentment to their lives.

“I have those three things [friends, girlfriend and music] and I’m content,” Nick Ramon, ’05, said. “I’m pretty careless about most stuff? that helps.”

Simply not caring helps many to cope with day-to-day challenges. Others find meaning through the expression of a passion.

“Music is what fuels me,” Nick Westburg, ’05, said. “Without it, I am nothing. Without family and my girlfriend I have no inspiration for my music.”

Scott Falk, campus pastor, shows how contentment, along with godliness, can provide great gains in life.

“It [contentment] is a positive word to me,” Scott Falk, campus pastor, said. “To some, contentment is seen as a sign of weakness. I think it is a virtue to be content. Godliness actually is a means to great gain when accompanied by contentment [I Timothy 6:6].

“I think our modern culture tries to undermine the basic human need for contentment by consumerism. Finding a deep mature basis for contentment is the key to a godly life.”

The debate over the source of human contentment continues throughout society; many simply give up and assume that contentment cannot be found, others claim to have found it, and still others devote their lives to the search.
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