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Hyatt and Pouliot bring new skill to track team, hope to break records


New campus students aim to shatter school records

Spring sports including baseball, softball, golf, boys tennis and track are underway. Many new students involve themselves in these sports to develop relationships and better their athletic abilities.

[/media-credit] Jacob Hyatt, ’21, competes in his first high jump of the season at their Fowler High meet, March 3. Hyatt got first place jumping 5’10” in the fresh/soph high jump.

Freshman Jacob Hyatt and junior Bethany Pouliot are new students on campus this year and decided to join track. Whether it be a long history with the sport or an arising passion, everyone joined track for a reason. Both Hyatt and Pouliot have an extensive relationship with the sport.

Continuing his passion for track through multiple schools, Hyatt starts his first year of high school track at FC.     

“I first started track while in fourth grade at Maple Creek,” Hyatt said. “I continued throughout elementary school then through junior high at Kastner, and now I’m in my first year of high school track. Some of the events I’ve participated in through my career include, the 400m, 200m, 4X1 relay and all the jumping events.

“I like high jump the most because I’ve had good coaches and who have helped me through the challenges,” Hyatt continued. “It also helps that I’m so tall. There are many school records that I hope to break. I am 4 feet off the triple jump record which shouldn’t be too hard. Also for the high jump record, I am two inches away.”

Hyatt is not only involved in track, but in soccer as well. This year he played on the varsity soccer team as a center defender, scoring two goals during season. Hyatt also competes in club soccer which helps him stay agile for the track season.

“Another sport I am involved with is soccer, which keeps me fit,” Hyatt said. “It helps me with my explosiveness which is especially crucial for high jump. It is important to reach your maximum speed in a short amount of time, so you get the highest jump. I also do competitive soccer for Clovis Crossfire and have been doing that for about three years, which is a year-round commitment.

“I love soccer because it helps me stay in shape,” Hyatt continued. “Soccer prepares me for track where, this year, I hope to find the motivation to be better than the people that are older than me. Most of the people I compete against are seniors which can be really intimidating. I’m looking forward to league and possibly getting an all-league patch for my letterman. I also hope to get stronger through all my training, as well as hopefully break some school records.”

While on campus you can find Robert Hyatt helping with all technical issues and advancements. Anywhere else, however, he is Jacob Hyatt’s dad. Hyatt thinks that sports in his son’s life are molding him into the kind of man God wants him to be. He is also very thankful for Jacob’s involvement in sports.

“I enjoy watching him compete especially in the high jump because that’s his favorite event,” Robert said. “High jump is actually a very special sport because you’re not necessarily competing against another jumper, you’re competing against the bar. The bar constantly raises and is a life lesson in many ways. At the end when there are only two jumpers left, there’s encouragement on both sides because they’re both competing against the same bar, trying to overcome the same thing.

“In track, we have faced a couple of problems,” Robert continued. “About a year ago, in December, Jacob had his surgery. He wasn’t able to compete for about a year in track, and that was difficult. Also during soccer, he broke his ankle. So in the next season, there was some tenderness with that ankle and he wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to do it again. To see him come to Fresno Christian and compete now on this level is amazing.

[/media-credit] Bethany Pouliot, ’19, placed fourth in triple jump with 32’ 4” at their first meet of the season, March 3.

Mick Fuller, athletic director and track coach, shares about the track season and how Hyatt and Pouliot contribute to the team. Fuller also shares his hopes for the season.

“I hope Jacob and Bethany improve their marks each week, possibly achieve school records and league championships in one or more of their events,” Fuller said. “Both athletes are jumpers. Their events require a high degree of technical skill as well as natural ability. They both came into the season understanding the mechanics of their jumps so they can self-monitor and make adjustments to their technique.

“They help each other and they help teammates who are new to the events,” Fuller continued. “Both athletes have very positive attitudes and excellent internal motivation, so they are great examples to the other athletes on the team.”

A continual transition between schools may present difficulties. Bethany Pouliot has transferred to six different schools, but through it all her passion and devotion for track has remained.

“I first joined track in second grade, so this is my tenth year,” Pouliot said. “I started just as a team of one which is called unattached at Clovis Christian. The market crashed in 2008. Therefore the school shut down and I moved to Redbank Elementary School where I did track from 4th-6th grade. Then I did track at Clark Intermediate from 7th-8th grade. I then promoted to high school where I started at Clovis High, moved to Buchanan and now am at Fresno Christian.”

“I participate in the jumps which include high jump, long jump, triple jump and pole vault, which is new to me this year,” Pouliot continued. “My favorite events are the high jump and triple jump because they are so different than everything else. This year I hope to break three of the school records.”

Maicy Luginbill, ‘18, has been apart of the high school track team for all four years. She enjoys being with the team as well as bonding with some of the other ladies. Luginbill also shares her relationship with Pouliot.

“I first met Bethany when I was in the third grade,” Luginbill said. “We met at a track meet and have been friends ever since. Bethany’s heart for the sport really shows when she steps on to the track; she is such an encourager and an amazing athlete. So much potential is noticeable in Bethany’s athletic ability and leadership. We like to encourage each other by cheering each other on and making sure we are always happy and excited to be there. Bethany and I do not do events together, but we always make sure to go and support each other. I am very thankful for Bethany.”

After her first meet, Pouliot came close to breaking records. Mick Fuller explains some of the school records she is close to surpassing.

“Bethany triple jumped 32’4″ at our first meet this year,” Fuller said. “She was just an inch short of our school record, held by Maicy Luginbill, ’18. I think she will jump near 33′ by the end of the season. Bethany also wants to take the high jump and pole vault records. She has a few inches to go for each of those events. She has not vaulted yet this year, but I am reasonably confident she can go over the current record before she graduates in 2019.”

Pouliot’s dedication to the sport has surfaced as she hopes to return to the USATF Junior Olympics this year. She shares her hopes for the season and some challenges she has faced.

“I have done many other sports in the past,” Pouliot said. “I did soccer for twelve years and basketball for five. Since then I stopped doing multiple sports and chose to devote my time to training for track year round. I have faced many challenges just in my high school experience alone. This is my third high school, but other than that I have had numerous physical injuries including a broken tailbone and torn hip flexor.

“This season I look forward to just having fun.” Pouliot continued. It is a lot of hard work, but after two rough seasons, I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things. This year I also hope to make it to the Junior Olympics, which is a national meet that is hosted anywhere in the US. A couple of years ago I traveled to Des Moines, Iowa, where I took 8th place in high jump. Technically I am considered an ‘All American’, which is pretty cool. Other Junior Olympics I’ve been to were held in Sacramento as well as New Orleans, Louisiana. I love track and don’t know what I would do without it.”

Support Hyatt and Pouliot at their next meet this Wednesday at Fowler, March 21, 4 p.m.

Jacob Hyatt high jump from The Feather Online on Vimeo.

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The author can be reached via email: Braden BellInstagram and Twitter.

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  • A

    Andrew RiekerMar 20, 2018 at 6:49 pm

    This is so cool that the track team is continuing to growing and expand with new potential.

  • B

    Bryce FosheeMar 19, 2018 at 8:15 am

    So glad I’ve gotten to know Jacob and Bethany. You guys are always encouraging and best of luck in track!