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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Kristina Breshears thrives in high school atmosphere


Students share favorite traits of campus math teacher

Today is Kristina Breshears birthday, Dec. 11. Be sure to wish her a happy birthday! 

Arriving at Fresno Christian in 2015, campus math teacher Kristina Breshears employs patience and kindness in her teaching style. After becoming a stay-at-home-mom to care for her three kids, Breshears decided to return to instruct math. After teaching for seven years at Central High East campus, she is entering her fourth year at FC.

[/media-credit] Kristina Breshears enjoys instructing campus students in math classes.

At first, Breshears intended to be an elementary school teacher. However, after taking a calculus class in college, she focused her studies on educating high school students.

“I originally thought that I was going to be an elementary teacher,” Breshears said. “I did know from an early age that I wanted to be a teacher and I for sure thought it was going to be elementary. When I got to college, my expectations just started to look different, and I had a college calculus professor who pulled me aside and said that I should change my major to math. He really encouraged me and helped me get a job. All throughout college he was really there for me.”

Striving to earn good grades, Helena Palsgaard, ’22, appreciates Breshears’s goal to help students achieve their best and enjoys learning in her class.

“She’s always open to questions and answers them efficiently,” Palsgaard said. “She makes sure you understand the homework before going home, and you can just tell that she likes teaching us, which is enjoyable to have in such a challenging subject. I also like that she holds no favorites in any of her classrooms, and how she individually helps each student along in their studies. ”

Growing up in a family who did not know Christ, Breshears shares how she became a Christian and how her father was changed into a whole new person.

“Before my father became a Christian, life was hard,” Breshears said. “He was not a very good dad, our home life was chaotic and not great at all. So when I was thirteen, I got to watch Jesus transform him into a new creation. I knew I needed Jesus too. My entire family was also saved as well. Jesus changed our entire life and our entire eternity.”

In the following podcast, Breshears discusses her early life before FCS and how teaching has impacted her life.

Noticing how much Breshears cares for her students, Mason Beal, ’22, expresses his gratitude toward her character and teaching methods. He says that she occasionally intertwines worship music with her teaching as well.

“She takes the time to answer the simplest of questions and she’s a total hands-on teacher,” Beal said. “Always speaking in kind tones, she walks around the room countless times, making sure everybody understands. She doesn’t just ‘throw you away’ and expect you to figure it out. That’s what I appreciate her for: her ability to simplify math.

“Another thing that she does is tell stories and she plays worship music throughout the class,” Beal continued. “It might seem like something small, but it makes class more interesting, more enjoyable, and it goes by faster as well.”

Breshears appreciates how students she teaches in her own classes are able to lead in chapel and encourage their peers. She says that she loves the coziness of the school.

“I absolutely love that I can talk about Jesus, and I especially love worship chapel,” Breshears said. “I love watching these kids up on stage, encouraging me, speaking into my life and encouraging my faith. It’s cool because these are the same kids that I get to teach and encourage as well, so it goes both ways for all of us.

“I knew math in my earlier years,” Breshears continued. “I knew how to teach math, and so coming to a small, Christian school was different for me. I didn’t quite know how everything would work, and it’s taken me a few years to find my own groove, but I’ve loved it here from the start.”

Looking up to Breshears, Olivia Tucker, ’21, admires the way she interacts with the class breaks down complicated subjects. Tucker has come to find the subject enjoyable while learning under Breshears.

[/media-credit] Kristina Breshears, campus math 1 and algebra 2 teacher, answers questions from students during class.

“I love her,” Tucker said. “She is by far my favorite math teacher I’ve ever had. I admire how she teaches us and makes sure you understand the material, and that you are really latched onto it. With a subject as challenging as math, she makes it fun and easy.”

The main reason Breshears loves to teach high school math comes down to her love for high schoolers. She expresses the joy of being a part of the lives of students on campus.

“I love kids and I love being around high schoolers,” Breshears said. “I love that I get to be a part of growing them into great, educated people. I love helping kids succeed, because you all are on the brink of adulthood. It’s amazing to oversee all of it. I also love being able to present a topic and watching the light bulb go on as they really get it.”

In every area, Breshears strives to walk beside students as they grow academically and personally. Though teaching high school took her onto an unexpected path, Breshears aims to use her position to educate students and share the love of Christ.

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Mackenzie Beckworth can be reached via email and via Twitter.

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