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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Silva Emerian shares passion for fashion

[/media-credit] Silva Emerian is a mother of two campus students and also writes professionally on her blog, On My Shoe Box.

Blogger, freelance editor, and stay-at-home mother, Silva Emerian remembers her love of fashion beginning from a young age. Rummaging through her mother’s closet and trying on her shoes, Emerian’s inspiration continues to flow from her mother’s example.

Emerian moved to the U.S.A. at age three, from the country of Kuwait. Growing up in Boston, she moved to Fresno the day after marrying her husband, Jayson Emerian.

Emerian’s mother played a big role in her love of fashion. In eighth grade, her mother let her buy a subscription to the magazine, Model. This magazine increased her inspiration of fashion and gave her an inside look on trends and what was popular.

Emerian enjoyed watching her mother get dressed and one day dreamed of doing the same. She also credits her inspiration to ‘fashion shows’ she and her sister held after receiving clothes as gifts.

Sharing her inspiration from her mother, as well as a few famous models, Emerian explains how her love of fashion emerged.

“My mom was and is my inspiration,” Emerian said. “She was a real go-getter, not afraid to take risks, and always put others before herself. That came from her love for Jesus. She was my model of faith and my fashion muse! In fashion, I admire Lauren Hutton, a model from the 70s who was known for the gap between her front teeth and for her unconventional beauty. As well as Diana Vreeland, who was an over-the-top fashion editor who was unafraid to take risks and was fearless in her creativity.”

[/media-credit] Emerian involves herself in The Feather Online by occasionally writing Style Session, a blog where she shares opinions on fashion trends.

Along with her love for fashion, Emerian always enjoyed using her words to express herself. In school, writing intrigued her more than other subjects. During her senior year of college, she received a job at The Armenian Mirror-Spectator, a weekly newspaper in Boston.

This newspaper consisted of the first English-language Armenian weekly newspaper in the United States. This opportunity helped her realize that writing for a living would be a career she desired to take on.  

Emerian also started publishing her own blog On My Shoe Box, eight years ago in 2010. Emerian’s blog consists of fashion, family, fearless females, faith and her favorite trends.

She began her own blog as a creative outlet and to pursue writing in a more consistent way. In addition to becoming a published writer in 1996, Emerian
also writes many pieces for The Feather Online.

Accompanying her personal website, Emerian takes on the responsibility of raising two kids and involves herself with Fresno Christian. She explains her love for her job and how she can be there for her husband and kids whenever they need.

“I love being available to my husband and kids whenever they need me,” Emerian said. “I love being involved at Fresno Christian. We are a family! I’m so grateful that I can be at all the school events, concerts, classroom parties and field trips. It’s a privilege that I don’t take lightly. I’m also grateful to be able to write and share my faith with a wider audience. I love words and expressing myself with my writing. I hope that I can honor Jesus this way. Everything I have is from Him.”

Emerian enrolled her two boys at Fresno Christian, Silas and James. Silas in eighth grade, with James in fifth. In the podcast below, Silas Emerian explains why he loves his mom and how he looks up to her.

Emerian being very passionate for the world of fashion, explains what it takes to be in the fashion industry and advice on how to stay strong in faith with Christ. 

“Do your homework! If you’re going to talk fashion, you have to know fashion. It’s not just about going shopping and putting outfits together. Intern or work whenever you can and learn the business from the inside out. Fresno is not a fashion capital, but you can start in retail and see where that leads you. It’s not as glamorous as it seems! It takes a lot of hard work and paying dues to make it in fashion. But if you truly love it, be persistent and don’t give up! Also, it’s not exactly a Christ-centered industry, so if that’s the direction you want to go, be strong in your faith and do not be afraid to stand firm in your beliefs. Represent Christ wherever you go and do not agree to anything that compromises your convictions.”

Trends that come and go can prove hard to keep up with. Emerian’s view of trends may differ from societies’ but will save you money and gives us some of her tips for fashion. Emerian advises against spending a large amount of money on an article of clothing or accessory that will be out of style next month. Instead, spend money on items you will get a lot of use out of. Such as a little black dress or a coat that will last for long periods of time.

In the podcast below, Annabelle Messer and Megan LeBlanc discuss fashion and trends with Emerian.

Many clothing pieces from generations before us are beginning to come back in style with a modern twist. Shopping at Zara, Forever 21, or H&M creates more economical options with the same styles, without spending big bucks at a higher end store.

In the next year, Emerian predicts that we will see mixed floral prints, bold colors, and neon. The upcoming trending color is coral. This color will be featured in clothing to pencil bags to even paint. Many trends keep coming and going as the seasons switch.

For Silva’s last blog featured on The Feather read, Style Session No. 15 – Polka dots, Pastels and Fanny Packs.

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Annabelle Messer can be reached via email and Twitter

Megan LeBlanc can be reached via email and Twitter.

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