Feature Art – Scratch Board Art

Junior Lily Kahrimanian tries her hand at scratch board art
Scratch Board Art by Lily Kahrimanian
Scratch Board Art by Lily Kahrimanian
The Feather

The Feather Featured Art series is chosen by art teacher Vickey Belmont who chooses unique pieces within their current unit. Art students study various techniques and different mediums throughout the school year. This feature art demonstrates the use of scratchboard art.

Scratch Board Art by Lily Kahrimanian (The Feather)

Scratchboard Art

Project summary by art teacher Vickey Belmont

Scratchboard art is a way to create an image using a sharp tool. Artists scratch away the black ink to reveal the layer beneath. The uncovered image is a series of light lines against a dark background, it is considered a type of direct engraving: the process of cutting an image into a surface.

Scratchboard is not about just scratching an outline on the surface or just a process that creates a negative image where dark and light areas are reversed. It is the process of removing the dark to reveal white. A dramatic impression or image will emerge from the black background with a skilled hand. 

Art students use exact knives and a specific scratchbook tool but there are many tools that can be used to achieve the precision that is needed for some art pieces. Cutting knives, etching needles, and stylus are just a few.

Junior, Lily Kahrimanian recreated this picture of her cat using the techniques and tools described above. She did a really great job, you think you are looking at a black and white picture of her cat. 

“I love that scratchboard art is very simple but can yield very realistic results,” Kahrmanian said. “It’s very different because the only tool you are using is a knife but it’s difficult because you have to leave dark parts alone and only scratch highlights.”

The Feather would like to feature your art. Please send a message to [email protected] if you would like to submit art or recommend someone else.

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