Feature Art – Oil Pastels

Senior Ella Slayden recreates portion of a Van Gogh
Feature art by Ella Slayden, Feb. 2024.
Feature art by Ella Slayden, Feb. 2024.
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The Feather Featured Art series is chosen by art teacher Vickey Belmont who chooses unique pieces within their current unit. Art students study various techniques and different mediums throughout the school year. This feature art demonstrates the use of oil pastels.

Feature art by Ella Slayden, Feb. 2024. (The Feather)

Oil Pastels

Project summary by Art teacher Vicky Belmont 

This year I had my first-year art students add a new medium to their study of color theory, oil pastels. The project consisted of recreating an artwork by an artist, this is called a “Master Study”. It is an often-used form of artistic learning that dates back hundreds of years

Oil pastels are a versatile and vibrant medium for creating art. The students learned how to layer colors for blending, different blending techniques, and the use of paper that has a ‘tooth’ or hold for the oil pastel to properly lay. 

I’m very happy with the results of the students’ oil pastel projects, some of them excelled with this medium while others may have just shown an interest, but all of the pictures showed potential.

Senior Ella Slayden recreated the ‘Night of the Cafe’ by Vincent Van Gogh, enlarging a specific section of the painting from a 4 by 4 section to an 8 by 4 section. 

“I chose this specific section because I liked the blue tables and the glasses are fun, everything about this artwork was amusing,” Slayden said. “I also like the pool tables and the people in the art just like the little elements that come together that make it unique. 

Recreating famous paintings from Masters such as Vincent Van Gogh is not an easy task. 

‘Night of the Cafe’ by Vincent Van Gogh

“Trying to match the colors was extremely hard because you have to do a lot of blending,” Slayden said. “The floor was also difficult and not super easy to do.” 

The Feather would like to feature your art. Please send a message to [email protected] if you would like to submit art or recommend someone else.

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