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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Home away from home

I am not a student who has attended to Fresno Christian since kindergarten. In fact, the majority of my schooling has come from home. Yep, Iím one of those weird ex-home-schoolers.

My voyage to high school was not exactly an easy or simply one. As I approached seventh grade, my mom decided to go back to college to finish her degree. Home-schooling was no longer an option. So, my parents initially enrolled me into Clovis Christian Schools because we lived a block away and my sister had previously taken a few classes and enjoyed it.

That ended quickly- very quickly. I was not too optimistic about going there in the first place: students were required to wear uniforms! And let me tell you, they are not pretty.

However, uniforms were the least of my concerns after attending the first day. First of all, there were only 15 students total in junior high and only 5 of those 15 were girls. In seventh grade alone, I was the only girl. I tried to fit in with the ìmatureî eighth graders, but their perfect quartet of best friends never seemed to function with a fifth wheel.

I came home and cried after the first day and I did not even want to imagine the next day. But fortunately, day two was my last. Yes, I only went there for two days! Thankfully, my parents decided it was not the best choice for me and proceeded to hire a private tutor for the rest of my seventh and eighth grade years.

But high school was another story. I needed a social life outside of my house! They mentioned enrolling me into a great school called ìFresno Christianî, but I was hesitant in fear that it would be the same as my last experience with a private school. In order to warm me up to the environment, my parents signed me up my freshmen year as a part-time student. I took Algebra and French during first and second period.

My experience here was totally different than I had expected: people were nice and most importantly, there were girls in my grade! I made friends and I loved my new school. Sophomore year, I enrolled fulltime and the rest is history.

Fresno Christian was not only a means of social exposure for me. I have grown into a completely different, more mature and complete person because of this school. I am so thankful to have teachers who actually care about me and about who I become as a person. In fact, I regard the majority of my teachers as friends because I know I can open up to them and they themselves have opened up to me.

Because of this school, I know I am prepared for whatever the future may bring. Although our campus may be small in size, our quality in learning is substantial. The faculty here has poured out their energy and hearts into each and every student. I know it has and will to continue to pay off in my life.

Sometimes when I drive by campus after school hours, I subconsciously think, ìThereís homeî. And that is what Fresno Christian has truly become to me: home.

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