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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Senior Lifer – Silas Emerian


The term ‘Lifer’ affectionately represents those students who have completed all 13 years of education at Fresno Christian Schools. This year’s graduating class will honor 11 students who all began their journey in 2010 as a kindergartener. Learn more about each ‘Lifer’ in this Feather series as we talk to the student and their parents. 

Silas Emerian:

What are some of the biggest changes you have seen at FCS since you’ve been here?

One of the biggest changes I’ve seen at FCS is the student population. The school has grown in size so much that we’ve had to move so many things around to accommodate larger grades and a larger school as a whole.

What teacher/s have made an impact on you?

The teachers that have made the biggest impact on me were Mrs. Witters, Mrs. Lange, Mrs. Fraser, Mrs. Rojeski, Mr. Richards, and Mr. Bucher. They’ve all taught me so much and I’m so grateful for the time I’ve had with all of them.

Which grades have been most memorable and why?

The most memorable grades for me have been fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, and ninth. Throughout these five years so many new students came to our grade and I made so many new friends. The memories and experiences from these grades are something I will never forget. 

What is a favorite memory at FCS?

A favorite memory at FCS is Calvin Crest. I feel like I grew a lot closer to my class during that week and the lessons, worship and messages were all unforgettable.

If you could go back, what advice would you give your younger self?

Advice I would give to my younger self is to take school slow and not rush, because the memories and friendships you can make can last forever, so really enjoy every moment you get to spend at school with your friends. Also to not miss out on going to school events, sports or events your friends put together.

How would you describe the tools that FCS has given you to head into your next chapter?

I would describe the tools FCS has given me as wonderful and perfect. I feel very prepared to go into college and start the next chapter of my life because all of the teachers here never stop pushing you to do better, and do a great job preparing you for college.

A note of gratitude

I would like to take a moment to thank my parents, because without them allowing me to go to FCS I would be a completely different person and on a totally different path than I’m on right now. 

The average investment made by most parents who made the commitment to send their child to FCS for over 13 years is more than $104,000. What was the foundation behind this choice? We ask the parents of each ‘Lifer’ to tell us more about their journey and sacrifice for their child’s private education. 

Parents: Jayson and Silva Emerian

Reasons for your investment into FCS for 13 years?

Our priority as a family is to pursue Christ. Silas went to a Christian preschool and we saw firsthand that what we were teaching him at home, was being reinforced at school (e.g. singing worship songs, praying before snacktime, memorizing Bible verses, etc.). When it came time to start Kindergarten, we wanted to find a school that would come alongside us and help Silas continue down an academic and spiritual path. Fresno Christian was the clear choice and we’ve never regretted that investment. Our gratitude for this school has grown every year and the FCS community has truly become a family to us.

What connections did you have to FCS before enrolling?

None! We knew about the school but weren’t connected.

What are you most grateful for about your child’s education?

We’re grateful to FCS for providing opportunities for Silas to engage in the classroom and beyond in unique ways that would not exist in a public school. For example, where else would he be able to run a soundboard and design lights for the worship team on a weekly basis? He’s been able to take AP classes and TA in his favorite subject. We’re especially grateful for how FCS navigated the pandemic and how little our students missed school. Being able to attend in person more than most schools was invaluable to their overall well being during an extremely difficult time. What’s also impressive is how Silas’s teachers have gotten to know him. He’s not just another kid among a thousand. At FCS our students are seen and known.

Favorite memory of your student’s 13 years at FC?

There are SO many! Kindergarten with Mrs. Witters, drying grapes and playing kickball with Mrs. Lang, historic downtown tour with Mrs. Fraser, the bus breaking down on the freeway on the way to Columbia in 4th grade, Hume Outdoor Education Camp in 6th grade was incredible, the LA trip with Mr. Richards…

Silas Emerian hopes to attend a great college with a four-year program. Emerian strives to get a degree in mechanical, computer or software engineering. Fresno Christian was a huge part of his life and will always be. However, Emerian is ready to move on to the next chapter of his life.

Stay tuned to hear more about your senior lifers.

Silas Emerian’s recap at Fresno Christian

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    Mrs. ClarnoDec 14, 2022 at 7:06 pm

    So cool! I love this!

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    Silva EmerianDec 14, 2022 at 2:06 pm

    Julia!!! This is so special. Thank you for your hard work putting this together!