Food Review: Trader Joe’s Christmas collection

Food Review: Trader Joes Christmas collection

The winter solstice welcomes new selection for all

‘Tis the season, Trader Joe’s is back with their holiday favorites. The Christmas season can officially begin now that Trader Joe’s has released their much anticipated seasonal treats. The popular grocery store started the holidays strong with 473 additions to their shelves, 66 of which are brand new to the market. Let’s see how these taste!

Sweet, savory and salty varieties available in these new additions, with an overarching theme of classic Christmas flavors. Gingerbread, peppermint, candy cane, chocolate, and cinnamon bring a familiar comfort during the holiday season. Popular Trader Joe’s Christmas treats include: Jingle Jangle, Candy Cane Joe Joe’s, Triple Ginger Brew, Eggnog, Peppermint Bark, Mini Gingerbread People, and the Belgium Cookie Kit Collection.

[/media-credit] Peppermint Pretzel Slims are a great addition to Trader Joe’s holiday stock.

The Peppermint Pretzel Slims were exceptional. This spectacular treat offered a perfect mixture of sweet and salty with a flawless sprinkle of candy cane to tie it into the holiday season. They kept me wanting more, reaching for just one more until the bag was empty. They in fact did their job, keeping me in a temporary bliss, craving more after each bite. 

Trader Joe’s employee Danny Maaza has been working there for the past six years. 

“My favorite Christmas item is the Belgium Cookie Kit Collection,” Maaza said. “There are options of white chocolate, cannoli cookies, and so many other types it’s unbelievable how good they are.”

Eggnog is a Christmas classic, a treat that some look forward to and others with disgust. Trader Joe’s eggnog was a creamy beverage lightly spiced with nutmeg and a dash of cinnamon. Served over a glass of ice this beverage can bring even Scrooge into the Christmas spirit. Although it may be a holiday classic, eggnog was not particularly my favorite item that Trader Joe’s had to offer.  

The Candy Cane Joe Joe’s were a successful Christmas remodel of a classic Trader Joe’s item. TJ’s take on Oreos is now filled with a vanilla cream that included crushed candy cane, giving them the fresh holiday feel. Fresno Christian students and teachers were included in this holiday review, sampling the cookies during lunch.

English teacher and self-proclaimed oreo lover Carrie Dixon tried a Candy Cane Joe Joe. 

[/media-credit] Trader Joe’s offers seasonal gingerbread ice cream for a limited time only.

“I might be hungry but this is a ten out of ten, that is a really good cookie,” Dixon said. 

This year’s seasonal ice cream is a flavorful comfort starring gingerbread. The ice cream had a gingerbread base with chunks of their triple ginger gingerbread cookies, topping it off with a gingerbread swirl. The first bite was good but from there it failed to get better, the gingerbread flavor was overwhelming. By the fifth bite, I had no need for any more. The ice cream left me with a long living after taste that was not pleasant. Gingerbread lovers may swoon but it was definitely not for me.

Jingle Jangle offers a variety for our chocolate lovers. Pretzels, popcorn, and Joe Joe’s all covered in chocolate are in this festive mix, as well as m&m’s and small peanut butter cups. Each bite is a flavorful mystery that will satisfy any chocolate addict. 

Trader Joe’s stepped up their holiday selection this year. The final date these items will be stocked is unknown, so be sure to stop at your local Trader Joe’s before it is too late.

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