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Senior Lifer – Micah Friesen


The term ‘Lifer’ affectionately represents those students who have completed all 13 years of education at Fresno Christian Schools. This year’s graduating class will honor 11 students who all began their journey in 2010 as a kindergartener. Learn more about each ‘Lifer’ in this Feather series as we talk to the student and their parents. 

Micah Friesen:

What are some of the biggest changes you have seen at FCS since you’ve been here?

Some of the biggest changes I have seen at FCS are things like where chapel happens, as well as how events are held coming from elementary all the way to senior year in highschool. 

What teacher/s have made an impact on you?

Mr[Terry]. Richards has a big impact on my life. Being his last class it felt special in a way. Going through one of my surgeries during calvin crest I would hang out with him quite often and he would drive me up to my cabin every day. He sends me a weekly spiritual  message either a story and bible message or even advice with some sort of verse attached to it every time. He sends me those every Sunday or Saturday. I will also go up to hume and help rake and pick up pine needles or shovel snow.

Which grades have been most memorable and why?

Junior year because that’s when I grew the closest with my friends and started having a lot more fun with people. Including Derek DeGroot, a ’22 graduate who I would do a bunch of truck related things with.

What is your favorite FCS memory?

After senior sunrise we all went and got food. I personally took my truck and was blasting ACDC. We all headed back to school and all the seniors came around the truck and piled in the back and were jumping up and down to the music. It was like a senior rave. 

If you could go back, what advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t stress, you do not have to please everyone, just go down your own path no need to follow others.

How would you describe the tools that FCS has given you to head into your next chapter?

The biggest tool I have been given is the Feather. It has taught me how to time manage and write more efficiently, as well as give me amazing skills with photo, video and media management. 

A note of gratitude.

I would like to thank both my parents for even considering this place. It has been such a blessing and idk if I would be where I am in life if I didn’t come here, I definitely think my life would be in a way darker place if I wasn’t here. Thank you so much!

The average investment made by most parents who made the commitment to send their child to FCS for over 13 years is more than $104,000. What was the foundation behind this choice? We ask the parents of each ‘Lifer’ to tell us more about their journey and sacrifice for their child’s private education.


Reasons for your investment into FCS for 13 years?

When it was time to enroll Micah in Kinder he was dual enrolled in two schools for two weeks because I was nervous to start at FCS, afraid that financially we wouldn’t be able to continue. It was important to his dad that he start there, as he did himself. I was afraid of burnout in those pivotal Jr. high / high school years.  I went to public and chose to come in highschool and loved my experience. Micah’s dad went K-8 and left for several reasons. Both of us had valid concerns so we trusted the Lord with that decision and after I had a peace about it he officially unenrolled in Clovis Unified. 

One of the main draws to FCS was knowing that our son would have a strong community around him. At that time his trajectory with his leg diagnosis would include many surgeries with a possibility of homeschool for a year. It wasn’t looking to be an easy road and we knew that a smaller community that knew how to love others well would be a safe place for him and his journey. Boy were we RIGHT!

The FCS community has shown up in every way imaginable! Micah’s amputation happened May 16, 2014 during the end of third grade. The special everyone rallied around him, supported him, showed up afterwards, and supported us as a family will never be forgotten. 

What are you most grateful for about your child’s education?

Micah’s growth educationally is due to the most amazing teachers pouring into him, accomodating for his needs at different times and the constant support. He graduates in a short amount of time and just this week a postcard from his kindergarten teacher showed up in the mail with pictures from that year and the sweetest note from Amy Witters. That’s the kind of teacher I’m talking about. Micah would not be where he is today with the help of so many, especially Tamara Hill and Kimberly DeWolf. Thank you to everyone! 

He’s been my own student for four years in history and The Feather and that has been so special to spend each day with him in my class. He has discovered a love for photo and video and has made life long friendships. He’s learned so much about his own strengths and capabilities, he’s ready for what’s next.

Favorite memory of your student’s 13 years at FC?

There are so many wonderful memories. The end of year parties, field trips, daily moments. Personally my favorite memories as his mom are the hugs, the lunches, his presence each day as he walks into my class. (Tears officially flowing)

Friesen plans to attend Clovis Community College, while staying on an open path. From welding to business to doing video and photography, Micah has yet to find out what he wants to do.

Micah’s recap at FCS:

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