Tennis senior night 2023


Fresno Christian boys tennis team honors Andrew Scully, Silas Emerian and Daman Dhillon on Senior night, April 19, 2023. The team bestowed flowers and a banner to each celebrated Senior.

Dhillon joined the team this year and expresses his thoughts.

Dhillon is commemorated by both his coaches, Daniel Jessing and Robert Foshee, April 19. Antonio Ruelas | The Feather

“My favorite thing about tennis is slamming balls as hard as I can. Seeing the ball coming at you and slamming it to the other side is satisfying.”

Having played exclusively soccer during high school, prior to joining tennis, his time on the tennis team has made him think about the past.

“Senior night was really good, being surrounded by this tennis family was really great. It made me regret not joining earlier.”

Dhillon leaves some words of advice for those interested in joining tennis next year.

“Get a racket, because I used Bulldogs, also, get tennis shoes because if you don’t have the right shoes, it is terrible.”

Below is a slideshow of tennis senior night

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