Gas prices add extra burden on student wallets

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When David Tolladay, ’03, went to fill up his gas tank on March 24, he was shocked at how much he and fellow Californians are currently paying at the pump.

“I was appalled,” Tolladay said. “I’ve never had to pay more than $1.80 per gallon before now.” Gas prices are now over $2.11 per gallon at Unocal 76 at the corner of Herndon and Cedar.

Tolladay is not alone in his plight. According to Energy Information Administration on March 24, California gas is $1.92 per gallon, among the highest in the nation. According to experts, the reasons for the price hike are concerns over Middle Eastern political situations, unrest in Venezuela, and California’s switch to a different blend of gasoline earlier in the season.

Forty-two percent of students live outside of Fresno; some drive at least 25 miles to get to school.

With gas prices higher over the last year, students struggle to keep their gas tank filled.

“Even though I spend more than $40 in gas,” John Stevenson, ’04, said, “I love having a big car. I might not be able to beat a jaguar on the road, but I could if I went off the road.”

On the other hand, students with smaller more economical cars spend less for gas and get more gas mileage per gallon.

“I drive about 250 miles each week and I only spend $20 to fill up my tank,” Cody Petrie, ’05, said. “I like having a small car because it saves me money and I use less gas.

As most students receive only minimum wage at work, high gas prices stand to make a serious dent in wallets.

“Working at Guarantee Towers and getting paid minimum wage is only enough for me to fill up my tank once a week,” Holly Deniston, ’04, said. “I barely have money left over, so I budget my money very carefully.”

For more information or news concerning rising gasoline prices, go online at or [Energy Information Administration].
” “Sheree Temple, Photographer” “Wallets on campus are emptied by rising fuel prices; students who pay for their own transportation feel the crunch.

Lindsay Patterson, ?03, fills up on March 31 despite fuel inflation. “I have to get to work everyday,” Patterson said, “so I can pay for more gas.”” “” “” “ABC News>

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