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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

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Part Two: One campus solidifies theme, 'We Are One: Growing in Christ'

This is a three part feature informing the student body how the union of the school came about, and what was required of the the administration, the faculty and the students so that the move was finalized. This is the second part of the series explaining the effects of the 6th and 5th grade combo class move to Building Six.

For the previous article, read the Sept. 3 article, Part One: One campus solidifies theme, ‘We Are One: Growing in Christ’.

After recent changes in the school by combining both school campuses together at the Peoples Church campus, fifth and sixth combo class teacher Jonathan Broersma has moved with his class to Building Six.

The fifth and sixth grade combo class is now located downstairs, by the office in room 604. With the classes move, kindergarten though second grade now has room to occupy Building Five.

Broersma discusses the impact it has had on his organization from moving to one class to another. With the new class room he was able to clean out most of the unused supplies.

“The biggest issue I had was space,” Broersma said. “In Building Five I had a closet and more storage in the cupboards. I needed to get rid of things I never use and consolidate everything. It was nice because there were things in the room that I never used and just added to the clutter. Now my room is clutter free and I can actually find things.”

Broersma enjoys his new room set up, including the arrangement of his necessary teaching equipment. The placement of the room’s door, limits distractions for the students.

“I definitely like that my classroom is downstairs,” Broersma said. “I like the placement of my whiteboard, projector and the set up of my classroom better. It feels more open and the students are not as distracted when someone opens the door.”

Superintendent Debbie Siebert comments on the helpfulness of combo class move. Having all of the school together has been a lot easier on the teachers and students.

“It makes supporting each other and collaboration with one another so much easier,” Siebert said. “Having lunch together, praying together, brainstorming new ideas together has been long awaited.”

The move has had a positive outcome for the unity of the school, but has made it slightly difficult for Broersma to communicate with the other fifth and sixth grade combo classes. The buildings are not far apart, but inconvenient when transporting supplies.

“The only thing that is hard about being in Building Six is that I still need to talk and plan with everyone in the other building,” Broersma said. “It’s not that far away but definitely a journey when I have to carry everything over there.”

Fifth grader Hunter Raynes from Janet Vander Kooi’s class does not rally think the move has made much of a separation between his and Broersma’s class.

No, its the same as last year we still see each other at recess and lunch,” Raynes said. “It really has not affected the amount of time I spend with them, we have the same times of recess and lunch together.”

The students in from Broersma’s class really enjoy seeing high school and junior high students in the building. Broersma explains that there has not been any complaints with his students.

“They love seeing the older students during school and it’s great that they {high schoolers} have been so kind to the fifth and sixth graders,” Broersma said. “I have not heard one complaint from my students.”

Sixth grader Megan Leblanc enjoys being around the high schoolers because they are nice to her. She is excited to go into junior high because she knows what it will be like since she is in Building Six this year.

“It’s fun being in Building Six because the high schoolers are very nice to me and I love being in Broersma’s class,” Leblanc said. “It will also help me be ready for junior high.”

Broersma is not looking forward to the rain because of the room’s distance from Building Five, but he is ready to accept the challenges in the future. The students must use the restroom in Building Five and it has not been an issue with his class, so he already is getting use to the situation.

“They still need to use the restroom in Building Five and that hasn’t been a problem,” Broersma said. “We will see how much they complain when it starts raining! Guess I will need provide an umbrella hall pass.”

Overall the students have taken the new atmosphere in positively. Broersma hopes that his students will be able to learn from the changes and will take their transition into junior high much easier after already being adjusted to the environment.

“It is nice for the students to see what life will be like when they are older, especially the sixth graders. Next year they will be in this building, so it won’t be as scary for them,” Broersma said. “They love hearing the announcements in the morning. It helps them to connect with the ‘big kids’.”

The author can be reached via Twitter: @rynnking. Follow The Feather via Twitter: @thefeather.

Check The Feather’s twitter to be notified when the next part of this article will be published.

For more features, read the September 10th article, Choir adapts to size change.

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