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The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

The Student News Site of Fresno Christian High School

The Feather

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Preserve family stories

Although most childhood years blur together, simple moments like helping grandma bake apple pie will never be forgotten. As a child, nothing seemed more exciting than helping in the kitchen, while grandma spoke of her days assisting her grandmother.

While pie collaborations have not been made in several years, grandma’s stories were more meaningful than any dessert.

In today’s fast pace life, time spent with family seems meaningless. Constant technological advances ease daily life in countless ways, yet create distractions from a simple, yet significant part of life.

Most stories are not recorded in writing, but consist of memories or experiences, which hold no significance to anyone but the persons involved. These stories add color, texture and vibrancy into daily life and provide a basis for life in the future.

Although these memories are not ?important? enough to be in history books, they are history, which change for individuals. One may be related to a passenger of the Mayflower or another whose great-grandfather fought in the First World War. Stories should hold personal significance and be important to loved ones as well.

When mom gathers grandpa around to tell his grandkids a story, it is not because he is unable to do anything else; family stories teach descendants about who they are, where they come from and why they inherit certain character traits. Not only does story time satisfy a child?s curiosity, Grandpa feels appreciated by presenting life experiences to those who matter the most.

All stories explain or create one?s true identity. If those stories are not passed along, neither will an accurate sense of self. This knowledge offers validity to life, but only if heard.

Unfortunately, it is becoming difficult to listen to stories. In addition to technology, many travel away from home and stories get lost. Although it is understandable to desire independence, many turn away from their families and history.

In order to preserve this limited resource, slow down today?s pace. Do not allow distractions to hinder the search for true identity. Ask parents and grandparent for untold stories. Write down or record stories on tape, so future generations may gain knowledge, and maybe it will be a source of entertainment as well.

The editors encourage stories to be submitted to the opinion page. The Feather strives to improve in this area and appreciates those who share their experiences.

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