Thanks Coach

Feather Staff

Dear editor:

I was just watching a special on TV about John Wooden, the coach at UCLA from the 60s and 70s. It took me back to my youth when I had a school teacher and coach in Ohio at roughly the same time.

I decided to get on the computer and do a search on his name… Lonnie Godfrey. I soon found your article (Retired math teacher continues ministry, Feb. 9, 2006) online about a Mr. Lonnie Godfrey who retired from teaching at your school in ’06.

It’s been about 35 years now since I’ve seen him and the picture looks a lot like him , but after reading the article there’s no doubt… it’s the same man. A man I was lucky enough to call Coach… Coach Godfrey.

I’m guessing he probably doesn’t realize how much he continued to positively influence my life and to this day is remembered as a life coach from my teenage years. Now after reading this wonderful article I know he continued to be a life coach for many teenagers over the years. A great man, but not just a great man… a great man of God.

Thanks Coach, have a long and happy retirement.

God Bless you.