Over 90% vote in ASB elections

Other Staff

Students came out in unprecedented numbers for the Associated Student Body elections on May 16. Classes were shortened to allow campaigners to address the student body in a morning assembly and voting was done during lunch.

The position of student body president had a total of three candidates and junior Carli Albrechtson beat out fellow juniors John Tantraphol and Julie Fujihara.

“My hopes for next year mainly is to see student leadership grow and influence the student body,” Albrechtson said. “I ran because I want to serve the school, and I thought this would be a good position in which I could do this well.”

Student leadership has three teacher advisers to help students coordinate all student activities and Scott Falk is impressed with Albrechtson’s diligence, faithfulness and supportive attitude in her work.

“Carli has really shown herself to be very thoughtful and faithful in her service to the school,” Falk said. “She will make an outstanding ASB president.”

According to student activities director, Christopher Schultz, the office of president facilitates the student leadership class.

“The president works close with the teacher leaders to give direction to all student activites and events,” Schultz said. “Carli has been in student leadership for three years and knows how everything works. I am confident she will be a great leader.”

John Stevenson, ’04, was on student leadership this year and will support Albrechtson as vice president in planning and delegating committee assignments.

“I felt that student leadership needs to listen to students more and as VP I want to help make that happen,” Stevenson said.

Sarah Damm, ’03, ran unopposed as treasurer and wanted more responsibility within student leadership.

“I hope that we may grow together,” Damm said, “and have fun together too. Hopefully if we can manage the money well, we can have more free events. I ran because I really like student leadership and I wanted to have more responsibility. It will be a good opportunity for me to grow as well.”

Anne Hierholzer was also elected secretary for the student body to round out the elections. Lauren Taylor, ?03, was elected as pep commissioner and will be in charge of rallies and other events as delegated by student leadership.