FCA leads May Day prayer

Other Staff

While people throughout the nation gathered in prayer, campus students united around the flagpole and lifted their prayers up for God. Every year on the first of May National Day of Prayer is held. The campus club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), led the campus observations.

The year’s theme was Righteousness Exalts a Nation, derived from Proverbs 14:34 and about 20 students joined in the prayer around the Peoples’ Church flagpole at 7:15 a.m.

“We planed to start off with prayers of adoration,” Ericlee Gilmore, FCA supervisor, said. “After a prayer of confession and giving thanks to the Lord, we ended with praying for the leaders of the nation.”

Although it requires waking up earlier than usually, many students seem put that extra effort to meet at the flagpole.

“It’s encouraging to see more people come out each year,” Jon Steele, ’03, said. “It’s awesome how the government sets aside time for prayer, which we never saw during Bill Clinton’s years. The prayer in the morning starts my day off right.”

FCA will meet again on May 15 at 7:00 a.m. For more information on FCA activities and meetings, contact Gilmore at 297-9464, ext. 140.