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New parking policy implemented

An increase in underclassman drivers and too little space all contribute to this campus’ parking problems. With at least 16 cases of illegal parking occurring each day, something needs to change.

Parent drop offs are restricted to the Ground Zero parking lot, yet every morning a line of vehicles block up the high school parking lot by the trash bins and loading zones. An increased number of sophomore drivers also contribute to this campus’ overcrowded parking lot.

“I literally live on the very end of Herndon,” Caleb Thiesen, ’05, said. “By the time I get to school there are never enough spots, partly due to parents who park in the high school parking lot and too many student cars.”

The faculty is aware of these problems and a new policy will be enforced starting March 8. The city of Fresno may also ticket vehicles unlawfully parked in handicapped parking spots.

“We have a plan to remedy overcrowding in the parking lot, but it may prove unpopular among underclassman,” Molly Sargent, dean of women, said. “In the new plan, distributed parking passes would be required to park in all school parking lots with the exception of the lot by the tennis courts.”

Parking designations will be as follows: teachers will park by building 6, seniors and a few juniors will park in the main parking lot. All other juniors will park along the Alluvial driveway and sophomores would continue to park by the tennis courts.

Though most students agree that change is necessary, some think that the Alluvial driveway should be reserved for students who arrive late.

“The lower class, juniors, are being forced to make sacrifices which will only benefit the upper class, seniors,”” Nick Westburg, ’05, said. “”If the Alluvial driveway was opened to parking without designating it for juniors, the overcrowding would still disappear.”

Some students are not only unhappy over the inconvenience of parking farther from building 6, but are also concerned over the dangers and impracticalities of the new parking program.

“”The juniors have to park by the baseball field. Has anyone stopped to think that baseballs, softballs and all sorts of other P.E. equipment may smash out our windows?” Eric Neufeld, ’05, said.

“Also, if the purpose of parking in the Alluvial driveway is to reduce congestion in the parking lot. Why can’t juniors exit directly onto Alluvial lessening the number of cars traveling through the main lot?”

Obviously seniors enjoy their new privilege of priority parking, but for some it is more of a necessity than a luxury.

“I don’t have a first period class so by the time I get here the only spots left are those by the tennis courts,” Clinton Jeffries, ’04, said. “Seniors should have priority in parking closer to the building mainly because we can go off campus, every time I park out by the tennis courts I don’t have time to go off campus.”

Regardless of whether or not students approve of the new plan, it has reduced overcrowding in the parking lot.

For more information concerning this campus’s new parking regulations, check high school daily news under school news at www.fresnochristian.com or go to https://powerschool.fresnochristian.com/bulletin/3333/.

All students and parents will be held responsible for being aware of any changes made to the parking policy.” “[Courtesy] www.signsin1day.com” “The new parking policy can be found in the additional briefs from The Feather homepage.” “” “” “Insert text here

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